Discover our Digital Transformation partnership with Restoque SA

Brazilian retailer focused on selling high-end clothing, accessories and cosmetics. It operates in Brazil, Italy and Panama. It has 308 stores and operation divided into Le Lis Blanc, Dudalina, John John, Rosa Chá, Bo.Bô, Individual and Base brands.


Making adaptations to business models is a challenge for large retailers and this is no different in the fashion sector. Consumers want to buy and exchange their product without delay or bureaucracy.

Offering an enchanting shopping experience, in a dynamic and agile way, is essential to meet the customer profile that is no longer passive and, in this context, in addition to having a bold internal structure focused on innovation, Restoque chose us as technology partners to accelerate the digital transformation of the shopping journey that customers have with their brands.


Deliver a shopping experience to a demanding audience beyond the obvious flow of product choice and payment.

Create a channel for the customer to relate not only to the products, but also to the brand content.

Use technology and interaction resources that place the digital product on the same level as major market references in terms of content consumption and user experience.


Experts conduct continuous deliveries on applications of daily use in the customer’s operation.

We set up work fronts for each need, a factor that allows existing software to evolve and develop new digital solutions in parallel.

Different professional profiles operate on these work fronts, on a full-service basis: analysts, designers, developers, testers and managers. With specific teams, we develop solutions that:

They are the basis of the customer’s operation “at the tip”, that is, in the interaction between salespeople and establishments.

Allow planning, execution and monitoring of activities.

It handles data, generates and delivers information at the right time and to the right people.

End-to-end specialists

1. We make informed decisions: each feature of the software was planned considering the characteristics and behavior (physical and digital) of users.

2. We prototype in real time: we exemplify scenarios and test hypotheses. We guarantee usage experiences that go beyond beautiful screens.

3. We identify and adopt a planned attitude towards risks: we propose practical and measurable success actions.

4. We acted on the premises and environmental conditions presented by Restoque: we made it happen regardless of adversity.

5. We build together: the client is part of our team. Real-time monitoring and continuous deliveries are the basis of our work format.

6. Operation and support: we support the customer during the launch and adhesion of the solution. We maintain structure and processes (SLA, workflow) to support the software after delivery.