Understand how we help digitize one of the
largest retail chains in Brazil.

Armazém Paraíba has more than 300 stores present in several states in the north and northeast of Brazil, such as: Paraíba, Piauí, Maranhão, Pernambuco, Ceará, Bahia, Amazonas, Pará, Goiás and Tocantins. It is a company of the Claudino Group which has 17 thousand employees and annual sales above 3 billion. The company has invested in the expansion of its chain of stores and also in other projects such as the expansion of Teresina Shopping, in which 410 new stores will be installed, making it the fourth largest mall in the North / Northeast, generating more than 5,000 direct jobs and 23 thousand indirect jobs.


The digitization of retail requires great agility on the part of the most relevant players in this market. Creating personalized customer experiences, reshaping business and providing innovation to remain competitive are essential. In retail, digitization is crucial to improve communication, service and ensure satisfaction wherever the consumer is. Customers’ expectations are increasingly high and demand shopping days that go far beyond the physical store visit.


Strengthen customer relationships without relying on human interaction.
Create a journey of value for the client from the physical to the digital environment, and vice versa.
Increase customer satisfaction by optimizing your store experience.
Build customer loyalty and increase your purchase frequency.
Increase the average ticket per sale using digital channels.
Include technology in the customer purchase journey and maintain the personality of the services.
Decrease waiting time for customers in stores.


Our own dynamics were conducted by a multidisciplinary team that discovered, prototyped and built a digital solution composed of an application integrated with web software that:

– Adds value to the customer’s purchase journey.

– Identifies consumer behavior and provides rewards for fulfilling activities.

– Encourages the customer using personalized data, creates bonds and increases the possibility of conversion.

– Engages customers to resume abandoned actions.

– Identifies purchase intention based on previous monitored behavior.

– Optimizes the relationship with the customer outside the physical space of the stores.

– Set up a channel for segmented Marketing and direct contact with customers.

– Reduces bureaucracy and waiting time during purchases.

End-to-end specialists

1. We base all decisions made: functionalities of the web and application software were planned considering the profiles of users and their physical / digital behavior.

2. We approach the customer’s purchase journey, identify points of satisfaction and improvement. We understand closely the behavior of future users.

3. UI / UX design: we exemplify scenarios with agile prototyping. We design user friendly animations and propose new high-adhesion features for the target audience. We guarantee usage experiences that go beyond beautiful screens.

4. We build together: the client is part of our team. Real-time monitoring and continuous deliveries are the basis of our work format.

5. Optimized performance: consumer behavior, coupled with environmental characteristics (different device and network conditions) and our knowledge of the chosen operating system guaranteed correct choices in order to optimize the performance of the application.

6. Operation and support: we support the customer during the launch and adhesion of the solution. We maintain structure and processes (SLA, workflow) to support the software after delivery.