Discover the real impact of
the immersion process at Calvin Klein.

American retailer based in NY, PVH manages several brands – including CALVIN KLEIN, TOMMY HILFIGER, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Speedo, in addition to several other proprietary and licensed brands.
The conglomerate exceeded 9 billion dollars in revenue, and employs more than 36 thousand full and part-time people.


Every day, customers have become less loyal to labels and more engaged in experiences. Market-leading brands must rethink their technology investment.

Going beyond tools to gain operational performance, and building large-scale customer relationships is a challenge for large companies. Finding the ideal technology partner is essential to meeting this challenge.


Include technology in the customer purchase journey, maintain the personality of the services and still allow for gain of scale.
Increase the engagement of employees, as well as their conversion rates and adherence to processes.
Reduce the risk represented by the turnover.


We created a multidisciplinary team to support the client in business decisions based on technology. We work with our own dynamics to discover, prototype and build a solution composed of iOS application (native Swift) and Web Panel that:

– Empowers personas of the Calvin Klein operation with relevant information in real time.
– Allows easy interactions for collecting and managing high value-added data for the business.
– Handles data, generates and delivers information at the right time and to the right people.

End-to-end specialists

1. We make informed decisions: each feature of the software was planned considering the characteristics and behavior (physical and digital) of users.

2. We prototype in real time: we exemplify scenarios and test hypotheses.
We guarantee usage experiences that go beyond beautiful screens.

3. We identify and adopt a planned attitude towards risks: we propose practical and measurable success actions.

4. We acted on the premises and environmental conditions presented by Calvin Klein: we made it happen regardless of adversity.

5. We build together: the client is part of our team. Real-time monitoring and continuous deliveries are the basis of our work format.

6. Operation and support: we support the customer during the launch and adhesion of the solution. We maintain structure and processes (SLA, workflow) to support the software after delivery.

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