Discover how we operate in the digitalization of one of the largest
credit unions in Brazil

Operating with 116 credit unions, the Cooperative Credit System is represented with 1,639 branches in 22 states. Sicredi has already surpassed 3.9 million members and is one of the three main systems of Brazilian credit unions.


Digital Transformation presents several challenges and one of them is to ensure that a company’s areas do not operate as “digital silos” without proper integration. We operate in partnership with Sicredi in several areas. We provide visibility, agility gains and other specific benefits inherent to the projects developed for each front of the company.


Optimize main and alternative flows for granting credit.
Optimize Human Resources operations in terms of employee management, skills, compensation and the like.
Optimize the flow of assistance and interactions between employees and branches.


We operate in different areas of the company, a factor that required strong expertise to parallel projects. We provide working models with different types of communication and professionals according to the complexity of each demand.

We act in tandem with different Product Owners, align different demands to business needs and mediate opinions between decision makers. With that, we established priorities that helped the areas achieve their goals. We have also contributed to making these areas visible on the incoming and outgoing information between them. With this attitude, we develop platforms that:

Structured the main operations for credit concession lines.

They optimized Human Resources operations in terms of employee management, skills, compensation and others.

The agility, organization and flow of assistance in branches have evolved.

They digitized the management of external collaborators, as well as administrative and accounting rework related to reimbursements and other operations.

End-to-end specialists

1. We base all decisions made: each functionality of the different web software and applications was planned considering the different user profiles and their physical / digital behavior.

2. UI / UX design: we perform interface tests, and exemplify scenarios with agile prototyping.
We guarantee usage experiences that go beyond beautiful screens.

3. Advisory work: we act in a proactive and consultative manner in relation to the environment and infrastructure of the client. We nourish the company with useful information to evolve its technology park.

4. We build together: the client is part of our team. Real-time monitoring and continuous deliveries are the basis of our work format.

5. Personalization on demand: we structure specific and qualified teams to work on different projects in parallel. The strong concern with the proximity of the Product Owners ensured that lessons learned in certain areas would evolve the team’s performance in other areas.

6. Operation and support: we support the customer during the launch and adhesion of the solution. We maintain structure and processes (SLA, workflow) to support the software after delivery.