More than creating innovations

We generate value for partner companies

We guarantee high quality by using a workflow based on knowledge about the user, proximity to the client, Software Engineering and good practices.

Exclusive teams, dedicated to your project

From the beginning, a dedicated team is defined. It includes analysts, project managers, designers and developers on demand. This will be the project team at UDS. Lean and dedicated teams incorporate the mentality of the product owner. We seek to truly understand users and business goals to create impactful digital products.

Requirements Engineering

Analysts interact with the company to specify the behavior of the software to be developed. This process is essential for the project to be aligned with the business strategies. We use traditional techniques such as structured requirement and UML, up to agile specification based on high level user stories following the needs of each project.

Interface Design and Experience (UI & UX)

We use techniques and tools based on Design Thinking, Interaction Design and Storytelling to ensure that the user experience is aligned with the users, that is, who will actually use the software. We make several specifications and design deliveries for approval. Opinions are considered with each new delivery, and the product evolves with feedbacks.

Quality and Agility

We apply agile specification and prototyping practices in all stages of the process. The project is divided into deliveries per phase, validated together with our team. Each week you receive new value deliveries for approval. To guarantee the quality of the software, we follow standards such as Code Review, Unit Tests and Automated Acceptance Tests – which simulate user behavior.

Participative management

We provide all the information for monitoring the project in real time: timeline with project milestones, meeting and delivery schedule, status of ongoing activities and mainly indicators. You have active and continuous participation in all stages of the project, whether remotely or in person.

Understand how we will help your company launch successful digital products